Our facilities


All of them conceived taking into account key factors as being able to give specialised attention and guarantee your pet’s wellbeing.

Our modern facilities transmit good vibes and security, apart from being fully equipped with Avant-grade tools.

There will be no need to have your pet transferred to another centre as we have everything we need here to help you.

Examination rooms

As our main goal is to provide specific and meticulous attention to you and your pet, our examination rooms are modern and fully equipped.

 Because we know you want us to solve any health related problem your pet may have in a fast and painless way, our examination rooms are versatile and are provided with all the tools required for the diagnosis and treatment of your friend.

Diagnostic imaging

With the purpose of providing a thorough and accurate service we have high-end diagnostic imaging equipment.

This is why your pet will not have to be transferred to other veterinary centres to find out his or her health problems.

There is no time to waste when decisions need to be made or treatments need to get started. Our team will know exactly how to proceed.

Operation Rooms

When surgery is needed, we don’t want our pets to be in pain or suffer.

This is why our operation rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing the safest and meticulous procedures so that your best friend has a fast and easy recovery.


At New Vet we take investigation very seriously and, moreover, we are aware that it can be highly frustrating not knowing what your pet is suffering from.

Our lab has an advanced range of technical means so that we can test a great variety of samples. This will allow our team to proceed with any tests that may be needed for the correct treatment of your pet.

Now that we know each other